# About Team Modernator


- We're trying our best to make fun games.

Our Team is doing our best to make good games, which is the top priority of the gameplay. We are making games that have our game philosophy, making difference from common mass-produced games.

- We're listening to your voices.

We are always pay attention to your voices to make our games better.

- We're making unique games.

Get prepare for meeting our creative and unique style games that you've never seen in a lot of games you've played before.

- We're not stopping.

We will continue to develop and update our games to expand more game platforms so that more people can meet and play our games.

# Our Games

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is a 2D side-view scroller action, controlling the Stickman to fight against evil enemy Stickmen.

- Planning Platforms:
PC(Steam) - TBD, Nintendo Switch - TBD
Stick Warfare: Blood Strike - 1 Stick Warfare: Blood Strike - 2 Stick Warfare: Blood Strike - 3 Stick Warfare: Blood Strike - 4

Extinction: Zombie Invasion

The zombie apocalypse has arrived. People in the world mutated into evil zombies, and you are very few survivors. Buy the powerful gears and skills to fight against those evil flesh-eaters.

- Planning Platforms:
iOS - TBD, PC(Steam) - TBD, Nintendo Switch - TBD
Extinction: Zombie Invasion - 1 Extinction: Zombie Invasion - 2 Extinction: Zombie Invasion - 3 Extinction: Zombie Invasion - 4

Stick Warfare: All Out War

Stick Warfare: All Out War is a 2D side-view scroller strategic game. You must produce ally stickman units and destroy enemy headquarter.

- Planning Platforms:
Android/iOS - February 2021 or March 2021, PC(Steam) - TBD, Nintendo Switch - TBD
Stick Warfare: All Out War - 1

Ambush: Convoy Strike

Enemy Convoy units are passing through important strategic points. You are a just commissioned commander, and you must stop and destroy enemy convoy by deploying military unmanned turrets.

- Planning Platforms:
PC(Steam) - TBD
Ambush: Convoy Strike - 1 Ambush: Convoy Strike - 2 Ambush: Convoy Strike - 3 Ambush: Convoy Strike - 4

# Contact Us

For contact us about the our games at support@modernator.me.